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Our Strategy

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

We have the benefit of living in New Zealand now; all our children were born here and we've fully immersed ourselves in the culture. We've also had the experience of being on staff at multiple churches in the U.S. and understanding the different call of cross cultural church planting. As a result, we have a unique background with unique experiences and we feel perfectly suited to make a difference in this place. Our ministry philosophy is this: Jesus is the only one who can grow His church; as a result our job is to respond in culturally effective and appropriate ways to be best used by Him.

New Zealanders (affectionately known as Kiwis) are unique in several ways

Hospitality is a key ingredient of culture.

Due to the large immigrant population, many are searching for meaningful


New Zealand is post-Christian (much like parts of Europe) and therefore absolute

truth claims are greeted suspiciously.

Relationships are very important to Kiwis. Smaller gatherings that focus on relational

depth are much more successful than large gatherings led from the front.

Despite being a largely post-Christian nation, paradoxically, Kiwis value clarity and

expect you to state your beliefs and stand behind them.

From a ministry standpoint, we are committed to the following:

Identifying and developing leaders for Gospel-centered communities throughout the

Auckland region.

Focusing heavily on apologetics in our communties; why do we believe what we believe

and what difference does it actually make?

Keeping our gatherings small enough for relational care but not so small that diversity

and variety are not present, roughly 20 adults.

From the beginning shared leadership is a part of the DNA.

Being intentional about new community planting.

Forming a lasting presence and raising the profile of the Church of God in New Zealand

and Australia.

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